Reiki Level III

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level III Third Degree (Shinpi Den), Reiki Master Teacher Certification

Meditation at Bell Rock Vortex, Sedona, Arizona

Meditation at Bell Rock Vortex, Sedona, Arizona 2014 © Stephen Bruno

I went into Stephen Bruno’s Reiki Master Teacher Class to be re-certified by a different teacher. I had had spiritual and business coaching from Stephen a few years back where I had a good sense of who he was and what he was about. I had taught a class previously with a good foundation but felt like something was missing. I wasn’t sure what. Being a part of Stephen’s two-day class, showed me what was missing. I have re-committed to teaching Reiki as well as being a practitioner. I know I will go forth more confident and with a deeper understanding of what being a Reiki Teacher is. It is serving others and assisting them in connecting with that special part of them that is their reason for being here, it is about enlightenment. Stephen is the embodiment of what it means to be a great teacher. Totally committed to you succeeding in your Reiki practice AS WELL as teaching. Thank you, Stephen. I appreciate your gifts. Most sincerely, Dawn Vierra


Reiki I and II classes. Bring certificates.

Next Class & Location 

This class is offered this summer on September 29, and September 30, 2018, in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Class Registration

To register for this class click on Contact Stephen.

Class Description

This certification class is a combination of lecture, discussion, and hands-on practical experience.  Additional practice after the class is necessary to gain the experience and confidence you need to embrace the Reiki Level I training and becoming a Reiki practitioner.  Kindle your passions, stimulate your compassion and re-ignite your inner power by attending this certification class.

Bring your massage table if you have one.

This is a two-day workshop, held from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Grand Junction, Colorado. The fee for the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Reiki Level III Third Degree (Shinpi Den), Reiki Master Teacher is $650.00. This includes the latest edition of Reiki The Healing Touch Master Teacher Manual, by William Lee Rand. A certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course and you will be certified as a Reiki Master Teacher.

Can I take the Reiki Master Teacher class even if I am not sure I ever want to teach?

Yes. It is a very personal process, and many people never decide to teach but take the classes just for personal development. That is fine; the attunement and the lessons learned continue to inform their lives.

I will say from my own experience that I have learned so much about Reiki through teaching. There is that old saying, “If you really want to learn something, teach it!” I have found this to be accurate in my case, as I have had so much more opportunity to observe how Reiki works in students’ lives. It is truly an amazing process, and the more classes I teach, the more excited I become about Reiki.


Upon completion of this Reiki III Master Teacher class, students are certified as a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher. “Reiki Master Teacher” (RMT) is the highest level for Reiki students.

Topics that may be included in this two-day class:

  • Instruction on how to give Reiki attunements for Reiki I&II and full Reiki Master
  • The Healing attunement as described on page I-13 of “Reiki, The Healing Touch”
  • The Usui system of attunements is taught
  • The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master.
  • How to make a Reiki grid that will continue to send Reiki to yourself and others after it is charged
  • Information on the Antahkarana
  • Long distance and group healing
  • The Usui Master symbol which increases the effectiveness of the Reiki II symbols can also be used for healing
  • The Usui Master attunement which increases the strength of your Reiki energy
  • Practice the master symbol while giving and receiving Reiki treatment sitting in a chair
  • Description of Reiki Master and Teacher symbols, draw them, learn their meaning, how to initiate them and when you use them
  • Memorize new symbols
  • Teaching the 21-day cleanse
  • Reiki Master Teacher Attunement
  • Violet breath and Hui Yin exercises
  • Practicing all levels of attunements on each other
  • Understand Healing Attunements
  • Understand what to teach for each level
  • Understand the attunement procedure for each level
  • Reverence for life
  • Concepts and ethics
  • Commitment to teach
  • Legal and marketing aspects
  • Review of Usui Reiki Level I and Level II


One comment on “Reiki Level III

  1. Clarence says:

    I just completed Stephen Bruno’s Reiki Master Teacher Class.
    I was in awe of the wisdom, unconditional compassion, love and intuitiveness of Stephen, himself.
    Stephen has a “Prophet Presence” and a compelling, witty way of teaching that keeps you wanting more information.
    He is an awesome teacher sharing all the things a student needs to hear, absorb and learn about Reiki.
    You will stop, look, listen and you will grow and not be bored.
    He is very committed to guiding you in all the techniques of Reiki and how it should be taught and used.
    It is an enlighten awakening experience.
    I am more confident now and consciously and spiritually inspired to be a positive nurturing example of what he taught me.

    Reiki Blessings Stephen,

    Clarence O’Neil


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