Reiki Certification Classes Testimonials


Reiki Master Teacher Class 2017 © Stephen Bruno

Testimonial: I have certainly enjoyed my time taking this class with Stephen. I went in with expectations and he blew them away. His classes are very thorough. And at the same time, they are both fun and exciting. I feel more than prepared to begin my journey as a Reiki Master and Teacher. I would recommend anyone who is interested in learning Reiki to Stephen. I am glad to say that the time was filled with some very memorable moments and I’m glad that I received the tools to allow myself to pass on Stephens wisdom. Thanks Again! Shawn Coslett, RMT – Grand Junction, Colorado

Testimonial: I wanted to learn Reiki to improve my health both physical and mental. What I learned was so much more. Stephen is one of the most intelligent, humble, compassionate human beings that I know. I can honestly say that Reiki is changing my life for the better. I’m realizing that we have much more power to heal ourselves than I ever believed. Stephen teaches much more than Reiki, he shares the wisdom that we all need to live out our potential. If you want to learn Reiki from both a spiritual and scientific perspective, then I’d recommend this course. Earon Beesley Maneotis – Grand Junction, Colorado

Testimonial: I am so blessed to have found Stephen Bruno as a Reiki teacher. His presence shines a calming peace and healing light that is comforting to all who meet him. Stephen embodies the highest ideals of Reiki by living unlimited compassion in each moment. Thank you, Stephen, for an amazing experience, lifelong change, and your generous gifts! Elizabeth Hazen – Grand Junction, Colorado

Testimonial: I really enjoyed my time spent learning Reiki I and II from Stephen. Coming to the class I was familiar with energy work but not with how Reiki was performed. The applications were useful and they’ve proved to be effective for me. Stephen was a great teacher; All my questions were answered and the methods and techniques were thoroughly explained. The class really was enjoyable. It was filled with eye-opening stories and unforgettable hands-on experiences. I will be attending Stephens next Reiki Master Teacher class.  Shawn Coslett – Grand Junction, Colorado

Testimonial: Something for everyone! During the years of 1999 through 2001, I was fortunate enough to have taken all three levels of Usui Reiki Certification from Stephen Bruno. I have been a Reiki Master Teacher since then and practice Reiki daily for myself and others and have been teaching since the mid-2000’s.

These classes and Stephen’s commitment to really being there for all of us are life changers. He is a deeply compassionate, down to earth and enlightened Reiki Master Teacher. He has many years of experience and is able to make each person in his class feel welcomed, safe, heard and seen.

We all come to a class with our own needs and levels of comprehension and experience. In Stephen’s classes, I always felt valued for who I am. Whatever my level of experience and knowledge, he was right there with me. He gives the highest quality of presence and interaction between himself and the students and helps to create wonderful bonds between the students themselves.

His commitment and light-hearted approach help to form a warm and nurturing classroom environment that’s conducive to learning and experiencing something really special. The signs of a brilliant teacher are that they connect with each student and teaches in a way that facilitates the highest level of learning for every individual. Stephen does exactly this on many levels so that we walk away with expanding awareness and evolving experiences. I highly recommend him and his Reiki Certification Classes.  Giacinta Vosika, LMT, RMT – Richmond Beach, Washington.

Testimonial: I just completed Stephen Bruno’s Reiki Master Teacher Class.
I was in awe of the wisdom, unconditional compassion, love and intuitiveness of Stephen, himself. Stephen has a “Prophet Presence” and a compelling, witty way of teaching that keeps you wanting more information.

He is an awesome teacher sharing all the things a student needs to hear, absorb and learn about Reiki. You will stop, look, listen and you will grow and not be bored.
He is very committed to guiding you in all the techniques of Reiki and how it should be taught and used. 

It is an enlighten awakening experience. I am more confident now and consciously and spiritually inspired to be a positive nurturing example of what he taught me. Reiki Blessings Stephen. Clarence O’Neil, RMT – Tucson, Arizona.

Testimonial: I went into Stephen Bruno’s Reiki Master Teacher Class to be re-certified by a different teacher. I had had spiritual and business coaching from Stephen a few years back where I had a good sense of who he was and what he was about. I had taught a class previously with a good foundation but felt like something was missing. I wasn’t sure what. Being a part of Stephen’s two-day class, showed me what was missing. I have re-committed to teaching Reiki as well as being a practitioner. I know I will go forth more confident and with a deeper understanding of what being a Reiki Teacher is. It is serving others and assisting them in connecting with that special part of them that is their reason for being here, it is about enlightenment. Stephen is the embodiment of what it means to be a great teacher. Totally committed to you succeeding in your Reiki practice AS WELL as teaching. Thank you, Stephen. I appreciate your gifts. Dawn Vierra, RMT – Cornville, Arizona.

Testimonial: I had the privilege of taking Reiki I & II from Stephen Bruno.  I had taken it 3 other times elsewhere and I will say that it prepped me for his class! Not only did I learn the symbols this time, but I really got the spiritual side of how energy truly works, and because of that, I became a more spiritually responsible person.   

I had the privilege of taking Reiki III from Stephen Bruno.  What an awaking that was! I had no idea that the attunements from Reiki III could possibly do what they did! The long-distance Reiki and new master symbols are far more potent than Reiki I & II symbols and attunements, although very necessary as a prelim to Reiki III. I was content with Reiki I & II very much.   

As a result of Reiki III class and attunements, I have worked less and have gotten more powerful results! The gifts that Stephen gives to you during the attunements are far more than one could ever imagine.   I see daily differences and changes in my loved ones because of the gifts he has so generously given to me.   

I no longer feel helpless, and I use these gifts wherever I go. I have committed to sending long distance to family and friends 3 x’s a day because I know that it helps. I now have the ability to keep a sister of mine out of pain all day long, and I do, as the Reiki does its job. I have loved ones that are emotionally imbalanced, and I send help as much as possible.   

What a blessing Stephen has been and if you are fortunate enough to find him, you have hit the Spiritual Jackpot!    Thank you, Stephen Bruno, for all that you have done for me, my family, friends and all of the other people that I am able to help because of you!  Jana Valenzano RMT. –  Prescott, Arizona.

Testimonial:  I have received Reiki from other people and also attended Stephen’s Reiki classes. I agree with Jana. I think Stephen is the ideal Reiki teacher, especially for those who wish to become Reiki teachers themselves. Stephen’s teacher preparation is far above and beyond the normal preparation so that you can really expect to teach well and confidently. Patrick Moore, LMT, RMT – Tucson, Arizona.

Testimonial: Hi, everyone. My name is Cheryl. I took Stephen’s Reiki 1 & 2 and Master Teacher certification classes. I am AMAZED at the changes in me and the benefits of the class. My vibrational energy is much higher. It is easier to maintain a positive attitude towards people, and every day challenges. Stephen has passed on to me the ability to help friends, family, pets, anyone, anything, anytime, anywhere. It is so empowering. Another result is my home feels more peaceful. My husband and I are so thankful to Stephen for his compassion and generosity.

If you are interested in learning Reiki, do yourself a favor, take Stephens, class. He is a fabulous teacher and lots of fun. Are you being led to explore Reiki? I encourage you, do yourself a favor, take Stephens classes. Stephen is an AWESOME teacher and human being. His classes are unique, compassionate and extremely informative. I have had the honor of taking all my Reiki classes with him. He has a knack for explaining complex concepts with simplicity.

There are no words that can express my gratitude for how Stephen has helped me. I have come a long way with his encouragement. I remember sitting on my front steps crying out to the universe for help, to now being a Reiki Master Teacher. THANK YOU, STEPHEN. Cheryl Sourdif, RMT – Rimrock, Arizona.