Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level II, (Okuden) Second Degree Practitioner Certification

Grand Mesa in Fall © 2021 Stephen Bruno, Cedaredge, Colorado


Reiki I certification from a certified Reiki Master Teacher

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Reiki II class Sunday, November 14, 2021.  To register click on Contact Stephen

Class Registration

To register for this limited space (2-4 students) Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level II, (Okuden) Second Degree Practitioner Certification class click on Contact Stephen.

Class Description

I teach the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level II, (Okuden) Second Degree Practitioner Certification meaningfully with a tailored approach at the massage table in the treatment room. I walk you through the intake interview sharing how important this is in establishing a healing partnership and acquiring vital history information. I discuss how to describe the Reiki treatment procedures and that the person receiving reiki will be fully clothed except for their shoes.

I demonstrate all aspects of giving a thorough Reiki treatment beginning with the massage table height, sheets, pillows, blanket, and footstool.

The instruction includes advanced hands-on and above the body Reiki methods provided in diverse settings and through distance Reiki. I demonstrate how to provide the non-Reiki but essential Essence Balancing approach that is given before the Reiki scanning. In a step-by-step process. I demonstrate and guide you on how to apply an effective Reiki scan and Reiki treatment.

Additionally, I frequently follow behind you during the Reiki scan and treatment to offer supportive guidance. Many opportunities for Q&A are given as we practice real-time Reiki treatment approaches at the massage table.

I show you how to conclude the Reiki session and the value of interacting with the person who received Reiki before they leave. Additionally, I discuss the follow-up benefits.

In the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level II, (Okuden) Second Degree Practitioner Certification class, I teach the traditional Usui System of Natural Healing, AND I combine it with diverse, effective, and non-traditional healing, I delineate specific non-traditional Reiki approaches during the classes. The most recent research on Reiki and its efficacy is provided. In addition to my spiritual side, I also have an equally prominent scientific perspective. Therefore, I teach each class with information using simple to understand Quantum Physics to help explain how the energy of Reiki works.

I teach this certification class with an informal and conversational approach. I am committed to teaching with integrity in an atmosphere of patience, harmony, compassion, and curiosity. Questions are encouraged and I do my best to respond to each one. My mission is to provide thorough, comprehensive and updated Usui System of Natural Healing Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level II, (Okuden) Second Degree Practitioner Certification for expanding your effective healing capability, personal awareness, and supporting your spiritual growth. The class teaching structure includes demonstrations, question and answer discussions, group discussions, and respectful feedback.


The fee for the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level II, (Okuden) Second Degree Practitioner Certification Class is $350.  Combined when you also take Reiki I ($150) and with the current $100 discount, the fee is $400. All military Veterans, first responders, and healthcare professionals receive a $50 discount to make things a little easier right now.  I accept a payment plan as needed. 


Upon successful completion of this Reiki Level II Practitioner class, you are certified as a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner.

International Association of Reiki Professionals Special Benefits

As a Certified Reiki Master Teacher with The International Association of Reiki Professionals and the Reiki Council, my students receive discounts and other benefits when joining. IARP

Topics that are included in this one-day Reiki Level II class:

  • What did Mikao Usui teach?
  • A detailed review of how to do the full, Level I, hands above and on the body Reiki treatment.
  • Using Reiju to connect to Reiki.
  • The Second-Degree Reiki attunement.
  • The three Second Degree symbols (Power Symbol, Mental/Emotional Healing Symbol, Distant Symbol) are thoroughly taught. Their comprehensive origins, meanings, and applications are taught and practice in giving a full Reiki treatment with the symbols.
  • How to use Reiki to give treatments at the Second-Degree level.
  • Advanced human and animal Reiki treatment methods.
  • Working with intuition in giving Reiki treatments.
  • Understanding Chakras in giving Reiki treatments.
  • The value of using Essence Balancing prior to a Reiki treatment
  • Scanning and beaming in a Reiki treatment.
  • Advanced Reiki healing treatments.
  • Question and answer time.
  • Certificate of Certification to Reiki Practitioner Level II.
  • Congratulations. You are now a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level II Practitioner.

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