Resonate Festival

Cheryl Sourdif attending the Resonate Festival

Cheryl Sourdif, RMT, is one of my former Reiki Master Teacher students who sent me this photograph and a brief message yesterday. I like to remain connected with my Reiki students.

Keeping in touch. A quick hello. I had a chance to go to the Resonate Festival. I had a chance to meet Jeva Uqualla. He is such a fabulous 2 legged, as he would say.


2 comments on “Resonate Festival

  1. aeolosgia (Giacinta) says:

    Gorgeous photo and from what I hear she’s an amazing soul and wonderful healer! Thank you to her for sharing and to you, Stephen for sharing and cherishing the deep bonds that are formed in your classes. Blessing to everyone!

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  2. Shana Dean says:

    Wow! What a great photograph, what great energy! Thank you so much for sharing. I love that your students are exploring such exciting and meaningful paths.💜🌿

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