Congratulations Reiki Master Teachers

IMG_0578 copyI want to congratulate three new Reiki Master Teachers, Jana Valenzano, Clarence O’Neil, and Robert Ayers.

Last weekend they attending my two-day Reiki Master Teacher certification class. Cheryl Sourdif, a former student, is already a gifted Reiki Master Teacher and practicing her skills teaching during the class.


2 comments on “Congratulations Reiki Master Teachers

  1. I had no idea what this was going to mean in a literal sense when I signed up to take Stephen’s classes, I am a changed person! OMG!

    Words are not capable of expressing the gratitude that I really feel.

    The healings that I received after the classes were a total surprise, (countless surprises and gifts came my way), as Stephen Bruno is the most generous human that I have ever met.

    I no longer feel helpless in my life towards helping others. The tools that I was given to assist with healing others will be with me for the rest of my life.

    I will teach Reiki someday, in anticipation of the publication of Stephen’s future Reiki handbooks . I cannot imagine teaching Reiki any other way. Applying his Spiritual teachings in conjunction with learning the Reiki, synergistically creates an effective and most positive result. A little bit of Quantam Physics and alot of compassion really put the pieces of the puzzle together for me.
    When working with others, making sure it is all about them and removing ego and self out of the picture, creates a most inviting and healing environment for serving others with Reiki.

    Stephen teaches “The Seven Elements of Essence” which is defined in his classes. Without his amazing teachings of such spiritual truth and his willingness to share all of this, I would be lost!

    Thank you Stephen Bruno, I will never forget all that you have done for me and sOO many others!

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